Kulāiwi Nani means beautiful homeland.

Even as recently as 2008, you would likely not recognize Loko Ea as you currently know it. This fishpond has undergone much transformation over the years.

We know in ancient days, that Loko Ea was one of two fishponds located in the Kawailoa ʻahupuaʻa that provided fish for reigning aliʻi or chiefs.

From 1900’s – 1980’s it served as an income source to a succession of families who leased the property, each adding to the rich history of Loko Ea.

From 2008, with support from Kamehameha Schools, we were inspired to restore it to a state of health and balance.

MLEF is dedicated to restoring a healthy flourishing ecosystem to Loko Ea through our ongoing habitat restoration, known as, Kulāiwi Nani. Removal of invasive grass species throughout the pond has been ongoing since 2008, reopening waterways, allowing the native vegetation to thrive, in turn, restoring a balanced ecosystem to the area. Our program initiative plays a vital role not only to Loko Ea itself, but also to the greater Waialua bay where marine life rely heavily on the natural food source provided by the nutrient rich water of Loko Ea.

Today, we continue this stewardship with the support of many organizations and the help of countless volunteers who have made Loko Ea what it is today, doing our part in maintaining a Kulāiwi nani.